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Tired of spending too much money on listing services that promise to sell your equipment or property...  Broker Buyer was created to meet your needs.  With over 20 years of experience buying and selling in the broker market, Broker Buyer can sell your equipment on consignment.

Our extensive lists target buyers that are eager to look at what you have.  We have sold a wide range of equipment in many industrial categories: Servers, Network gear, Medical technology, Telephone systems, Office equipment and more.  We often have your equipment sold within the week.

Get started now and get that slow moving or idle inventory off your shelf and into an eager buyers hands...  Please complete the form located in About Us

Acting As Agent

Broker Buyer will act as your agent in select national auctions.  All auction buyers have been disappointed at one time or another with blind on-line purchases.  It is bad enough when you buy something as-is, but worse when you discover it was not as represented, listed or incomplete.  Broker Buyer solves these issues and more by acting as your on-site purchasing agent.  We inspect the items, confirm exactly what is offered and describe the condition to the best of our ability.

If you have ever sat on the phone waiting for the items you are interested in, you know how time consuming and frustrating it can be.  It is all to easy to miss a bid because of technical difficulties or worse, because you failed to take a necessary action.  When you have your own agent sitting in the audience, you are free to do what you do best and make money.  We spend the time to insure you will not miss a bid and you are further assured of getting what you want for the price you want to pay.

Tell us what your specialty is and we will identify buying opportunities for you.   We will provide a list of items that match your interest for your consideration .  When you make a non-binding purchase offer, we go to work.  Our services include these valuable benefits:

  • no cost for air fare, meals, car rental or hotel
  • no loading / pickup charge
  • no charge for palletizing / packing / shipping
  • secure storage while awaiting payment
  • substantial time savings

Recent Brokerage Examples:

National Auction Agency (acting as purchasing agent)

A world renowned auction company was conducting a local bankruptcy sale.  Buyers from all over the world would compete for the assets offered in this sale.  We contacted a number of companies specializing in niche markets we are familiar with, and solicited non-binding purchase offers for select assets.  The result was a resounding win-win all around.  The auction company received fair value for the items we secured and the clients were very happy to have the new inventory at a price they quoted.

Client Success Stories

A local company had an offer on 3,000+ Rolm Phone sets based on scrap price (pennies a pound).  Broker Buyer located a buyer that needed the phones.  The resulting sale increased the return to the seller by over 1,000%.  

A local company had several hundred Imed Infusion Pumps (medical IV Dispensers).  No ready market for this type of equipment was known.  Broker Buyer's due diligence identified the market and closed the sale.  While we can not reveal the sale value, let's just say that the seller was thrilled with the result.

Purchases for Sale / Sold

We purchased a laser micrometer at a local bankruptcy auction.  Due diligence revealed that traditional venues were not a good choice for marketing this unique instrument.  Within days, we had located a company specializing in this niche market.  The result of the sale was well worth the additional effort!

We purchased the IT assets of a defunct DotCom at auction for about $6,500.00.  In less than a month, we turned that investment into over $37,000.00 in sales to 6 companies.

Time is money

The old adage was never truer that in technology.  It is rare that value increases with time.  Don't let inaction reduce your return on investment.  Contact Broker Buyer today and begin the process to maximize the value of your idle assets.  Call (520) 262-3306 or complete the form located in About Us now.




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